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Aqua/AMSR-E Level1 and Higher Level products Release

Mar.1 2005

JAXA/EOC announces that the new version of the Aqua/AMSR-E level-1 and higher level products has released on March 1, 2005.
The observed data from Jun, 2002 to Feb, 2005 are being re-processed with the new algorithm and will be available according to the progress of re-processing. JAXA/EOC will require about seven (7) months to re-process it.

The available products are as follows;

  • Level 1A product
  • Level 1B product
  • Higher Level products
[ Algorithm revision ]
Water Vapor, Cloud Liquid Water, Amount of Precipitation, Sea Surface Wind, Sea Surface Temperature, Snow Water Equivalent, Sea Ice Concentration, Soil Moisture

You can find the page here about the current version-up history

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact to the following points.

Contact Point: Order desk, Earth Observation Center, JAXA
Joint researcher's contact point is here.
Public user's contact point is here.

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