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The ETM+ is a fixed position, nadir viewing, "whisk-broom", multispectral scanning radiometer andis capable of providing high-resolution imaging information of the earth's surface. Radiation in both the visible and infrared regions of the spectrum are detected by the instrument in eight distinct bands. The ETM+ is an improved version of the Landsat 4/5 Thematic Mapper (TM) payloads, but still provides data continuity with all prior Landsat missions. Improvements in the instrument include increased spatial resolution of the thermal IR band (Band 6), improvement of the radiometric calibration equipment, and the addition of a panchromatic band (Band 8). Below is a simplified diagram of the ETM+.


Band wavelength band Resolution
1 0.45-0.52mm 30m
2 0.52-0.60mm 30m
3 0.63-0.69mm 30m
4 0.76-0.90mm 30m
5 1.55-1.75mm 30m
6 10.4-12.5mm 60m
7 2.08-2.35mm 30m
8 0.50-0.90mm 15m

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