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Correspondence of AMSR-E

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AMSR-E was modified for Aqua from the design used for AMSR which will be onboard ADEOS-2.
AMSR-E and AMSR are microwave sensors capable of accurately acquiring weak radiation from land surface and atmosphere with its wide frequency bands and to obtain necessary data for the study of earth hydrologic circulation. Microwave sensors, unlike optical sensors, can continuously observe night and day and regardless of weather. Allocating AMSR on a morning orbit and AMSR-E on an afternoon orbit allows observation of everyday changes of the earth's environment, and it is expected to contribute to the study of the earth's environmental system.


Frequency(GHz) 6.925 10.65 18.7 23.8 36.5 89.0
Ground Resolution 50km 25km 15km 5km
Bandwidth (MHz) 350 100 200 400 1,000 3,000
Polarization horizontal and vertical
Inclination 55 deg.
Cross polarization less than -20 dB
Swath more than 1,450 km
Dynamic Range 2.7-340K
Precision 1K(1s)
Sensitivity 0.3K 0.6K 1.1K
Quantifying bit number 12bit 10bit

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