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TRMM Solar Array Anomaly
TRMM Satellite Altitude to be Raised to 400km
TRMM Orbit Information
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[ Orbit Information ]
TRMM was launched from Tanegashima space center by then NASDA, and TRMM is operating an orbit with an altitude of approximately 350km (after August 23, 2001, with an altitude of 402.5km), and orbital inclination at 35 degrees(it is sun-asynchronous, and is called frozen orbit).
  • Delta-V Maneuver (Orbit Retention Maneuver)
    In order to retain the satellite on a fixed orbit at an altitude of 402.5km, maneuvers for orbital radius and eccentricities are performed.

  • 180 Degree Yaw Maneuver
    Due to the rotation of orbital plane, the angle between the sunlight and TRMM orbital plane (β angle) changes in the range of +-58.5 degrees. When the β angle becomes less than 1 degree, the satellite performs an 180 degree yaw maneuver to preclude the sunlight hitting the VIRS radiation cooler installed on +Y side. B

  • 90 Degree Yaw Maneuver
    In order to evaluate the PR cross track antenna pattern, approximately once in six months, the satellite rotates 90 degree around its yaw axis and retains the attitude for about five minutes.
When an orbital adjustment is performed, a few scans of observation data may be lost. Please see the following maneuver information.

    Maneuver Information

[ PR Data missing information ]
About the PR data lmissing by other reason, please see the following PR data missing information.

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