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[AMSR-E data loss and recovery]

5 Feb, 2010

At UTC 08:06:00 on Feb. 2, 2010, Antenna Drive Electronics (ADE) Control Unit of AMSR-E was swapped to its redundant unit (ADE-B) due to the anomaly detection by AMSR-E onboard Fault Management system. According to the cause investigation by sensor provider, the cause is assumed to be some electrical problem in the unit.
After this ADE swap, AMSR-E keeps nominal rotation of 40 rpm except for a few minuts duration just after the swap. The observed data before the parameter set up for ADE-B at UTC 07:07:12 on Feb. 5 are not correctly calibrated and these data are not released.
As the products after the parameter upload (Path 013 Ascending) show no obvious problem, they are distributed as nominal operation. AMSR-E operation is resumed to normal.


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