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The image shows the narrowest point in the eastern Straits of Gibraltar, which is 13km wide. The full straits is 57km long and therefore about half of it is seen here. The northern land is Spanish territory, while the southern side of the straits is Moroccan. The southernmost tip is called Talifa. The bay in the northeast is called the Bay of Algeciras where the British naval station is located, while the accute-angled cape in the east is Cape Europa. On the northern tip of Africa, is a town called Ceuta, also a Spanish territory.

History shows wars broke out often as it was the interface between two continents as well as a militaristic fortress for conquering the Mediteranean. It was under the government of Phonicia in the 12th century B.C., followed by the Roman Empire, then by the Saracen Empire, and now it belongs to Britain.

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