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The Sanriku Coast

Distinct image 78KB

Sensor: AVNIR (Mu)
Observation: 1996.10.30
Scene center (lat/lon):
Distinct image 71KB
Sensor: AVNIR (Mu)
Observation: 1996.10.30
Scene center (lat/lon):

(1)The Sanriku Coast lies in between the southern lwate and northern Miyagi regions. This area is called a Rias Coast, as it was created when a mountain submerged and invited the ocean water there. It is rich in good ports due to its complicated coast line and nearby mountains. To the south from the image center, are Ohfunato, Rikuzen-Takada and Kesennuma.

(2)The bay seen in the lower portion of the image is Matsushima Bay. This is one of the most beautiful spots mentioned by the poet Basho. The peninsula across from Matsushima Bay is the Ojika Peninsula. The Sanriku Rias Coast sinks under the sea here. A little northward of this peninsula is seen the mouth of the Kitakami River. The Kitakami flowing southward from Iwate prefecture largely changes direction here to the east to the Pacific Ocean. Before, the Kitakami River flowed into Sendai Bay near Ishinomaki.

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