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AMSR-E Correspondence situation
Operationg Schedule

Data distribution schedule is here.(PDF/80KB)

Finish of a development stage 2001-2002

   2/27    AMSR-E ground systems development was completed.


Launch preparation stage 2002

   2/28    Operation of network trouble was checked.
   3/12    Preparation of backup medium was completed.
   4/1-4/5 Preparation of backup media was completed.
   4/11    Completion of data reception setup


Launch(L) 5/4, 2002


Initial operation stage(Lapsed days are rough standard) 2002-2003

  - Phase 1iL-2Monthj -
   L+7day    Orbital data (GBAD) transmission start(5/11)
   L+10day  AMSR-E telemetry processing device (IST) operation start
   L+14day   AMSR-E science data transmission start
   L+19day   Backup media (PDS) receipt start (for 90 days)
   L+20day   Update of processed parameter

  - Phase 2 (2M-6M) -

  - Phase 3 (6M-9M) -

  - Phase 4 (9M-12M) -


Regular Operation stage After 2003

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