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AMSR-E Facility Title

In order to acquire AMSR-E data, the following systems and equipment are installed in EOC.

AMSR-E Ground System
It is the system that performs standard product processing of the mission data of AMSR-E, and the near- real-time operation, and creates the standard product and the near-real-time data for on-line distribution. Moreover, the telemetory data using inspection and IST equipment of processed data is checked.

Media Conversion Subsystem(MCS)

In order to offer processed data to user and data user organizations, the data is copied to various media.

Data Storage System(DSS)

The earth observation data saved within EOC is acquired from each equipment by the network, and intensive management is performed by the data preservation system. Moreover, according to the output demand from each facility, data is transmitted online.

Schedule Management Subsystem(SMSS)

SMSS is a subsystem with the window-role of offering of the data and production of the data in EOC. Managebment of order reception, distriution, and data offering is performed.

Information Retrieval Subsystem(IRS)

IRS saves and manages the information about processed data, and performs information retrieval according to the demand from internal systems.

User Request Management Subsystem(URS)

In URS, the order demand from the user who is using "EOIS user I/F software" is received, to SMSS, status information managed, and feedback provided to users.

Data Distribution Subsystem(DDS)

DDS is the system that exchanges data and information via the network between NASA to the research organization or data using organizations. This subsystem consists of the open transmission functional part and the encrypted transmission functional part.

Browse data Distribution Subsystem (BDS)

In BDS, picture catalogue data (gif, jpg) is created from the browsing data acquired from the processing facility, and it is provided online according to the demand from "EOIS user I/F software".

EOIS User I/F Software(EUS)

Earth Observation Data and Information System is the client system for receiving requests of the catalog information, reference demand of image catalog data and order demand of earth observation data from the on-line users.

URL: https://www.eoc.jaxa.jp/iss/en/index.html

Catalogue Interoperability Subsystem(CIS)

In CIS, in order to maintain the mutual relation of the catalog data of "NASA/EOSDIS IMS V0" and "EOC", the message of catalog reference term is changed.

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