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  AMSR-E Operational ScheduleBefore last preparation phase (2002/7 - 2002/12/14)
  • This period is a preparation period from the completion of development of the system to launch.

Phase1( 2002/12/14 - 2003/4/14)

  • This period performs initial checkout of the satellite and the ground systems, processing of system adjustment and processing of level 0 data etc.

Phase2( 2003/4/14 - 2003/9 )

  • This period performs adjustment of level 1 product of GLI and AMSR, and evaluation. And AMSR level 1 product can be offered to the specific researcher.

Phase3 ( 2003/9 - 2003/12 )

  • This period performs adjustment and evaluation of GLI (level-2 3) or AMSR (level-2 3) products

Phase4 (2003/12 - )

  • This period starts regular operation. Ordering of all products is possible.

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