GLI Orbit/Time Information

GLI 4-day orbit (path) patterns are shown below for day by day (from DAY-1 to DAY-4).
Path calender of year 2003 is appeared in the first page. You will find that Jan. 25, the day GLI first image obtained, corresponds to "DAY-2", and ADEOS-II went through path No.4, 8, 12, ...

If you know GLI observation time at certain location, you can look into it as below.
  1. Get path pattern (DAY-1...4) from a table ("Path pattern ID calender") bottom of page 1 with a day you want.
  2. Go to path pattern figure in page 2 to 5 with path pattern No.(path pattern No.1=DAY-1 => page 2)
  3. Get time from a figure at a place you want to know the date.