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PALSAR Calibration Factor Updated

May 11,2009
January 9,2009

Thank you for using AUIG.

We have installed the new version of PALSAR processing software that improves radiometric accuracies synthetically using the Corner Reflector responses and Amazon forest data for the following two points

  1) Calibration of the HV for FBD34.3 and FBD41.5
  2) Minor calibration updates for the other incidence angles (PLR21.5, FBS41.5, FBS50.8)

After the processing date (January 9, 2009), the normalized radar cross section of any of the polarization component can be obtained by the following formula with single calibration factor, i.e.,

  NRCS(dB) = 10*log10(<DNˆ2>) + CF              (1.5 product)
  NRCS(dB) = 10*log10(<Iˆ2+Qˆ2>) + CF - 32.0    (1.1 product)
    where CF = -83.0

Before this processing date, the calibration factor (CF) can be given as follows;

Processing date Before Jan. 8, 2009 After Jan. 9, 2009
FBS 9.9 HH -83.16 -83.0
FBS21.5 HH -83.55 -83.0
FBS34.3 HH -83.4 -83.0
FBD34.3 HH -83.2 -83.0
FBD34.3 HV -80.2 -83.0
FBS41.5 HH -83.65 -83.0
FBD41.5 HH -83.19 -83.0
FBD41.5 HV -80.19 -83.0
FBS50.8 HH -83.30 -83.0
PLR21.5 -83.40 -83.0
The detailed calibration results can be referred to M. Shimada, O. Isoguchi, T. Tadono, and K. Isono, "PLASAR radiometric calibration and geometric calibration," accepted by IEEE TGRS 2009.

Please contact at the following point for further questions.

Contact pointOrder desk, Earth Observation Center, JAXA
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