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Users are classified into three categories according to user qualification as shown below. Earth observation data will be provided according to different procedures for each user.

1.Users for GCOM-W Data Providing Service
This users refers to those who have registered for GCOM-W Data Providing Service (website) as a user. The registered user can obtain the data observed by the microwave radiometer for free.
Contact:GCOM-W Data Providing Service Help Desk

2.Users for G-Portal
This users refers to those who have registered for G-Portal (website) as a user. The registered user can obtain the data observed by Earth Observation Satellites for free, but a part of puroducs, for example, ALOS, JERS-1, ADEOS, ADEOS-II, ERS-1, MOS1/1b are not free, these are only for PI or specified users.
Contact:G-Portal Support Desk

3.Joint Researchers and PI
The term “PI” indicates representatives of research institutes conducting collaborative research activities with JAXA. PIs are generally qualified through fair selection, initiated by Research Announcements on research projects and subjects. JAXA will distribute Earth observation data free of charge when the data are used to achieve common research objectives by facilitating collaborative efforts with knowledge and resources.
However, the type and the amount of the data offered free of charge are limited by contractual coverage and the content of the research with JAXA.
Earth Observing Satellite data, other than that of ALOS, can be ordered by Scene Order and Standing Order.
Contact:Joint Researchers and PI contact Point

4.General Users
General users include people who do not obtain specific qualifications and applications. Earth observation data are available at the general distribution price.
Contact:General Users contact point

5.General Researchers
Those who have registered as online users through the Earth Observation Information System (EOIS) are called General Researchers. They are able to download specific Earth Observing Satellite data through the Internet free of charge.
However, downloadable data are limited. The Earth Observing Satellite data are ordered by Data Set Order.
  *1 General Researchers who are planning to use the data for academic reasons, such as scientific research, are able to receive the data below free of charge online:
Satellite (sensor): TRMM (PR), ADEOS-II (AMSR, GLI), Aqua (AMSR-E)
contact:General contact point
Contact:General Contact Point

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