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Data Distribution Service

How to order

Available data types and amount varies depending on research activities.
How to order varies depending on users qualification.

Scene Order
This ordering method allows users to order individual scenes, defined by observation dates and an area (coordinates or Rath/Row), with appropriate parameters.
The ALOS data can be ordered with ALOS User Interface Gateway.
The Advanced Earth Observing Satellite data other than ALOS can be ordered with The Earth Observation Data and Information System.

Standing Order
PIs can order data upon advance requests on the sensor, processing level, products, observation duration and coordinates by Standing Order. Products will be delivered in media with preferred frequency (once per 16days, month and so on). This ordering procedure is applicable only for global data, such as TRMM and ADEOS-II data.
contact:Joint Researchers and PI contact point
* Standing Order is not accepted through EOIS.

Dataset Order
Products of multiple types and dates of a sensor will be provided by Dataset Order by selecting a set of conditions. This order can be placed at The Earth Observation Data and Information System.

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