Tropical Cyclones by TRMMTropical Cyclones Database
Tropical Cyclones data observed by TRMM/PR,TMI,VIRS from launch are available.
Period : 8 Dec. 1997 to 31 Mar. 2004 (Version 5)
1 Apr. 2004 to 31 Mar. 2005 (Version 6)
Product :
PR ( 2A23 / 2A25 ), TMI ( 1B11 / 2A12 )
VIRS ( 1B01 )
Area ( 36S to 36N )
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Tropical Cyclones by AMSR/AMSR-E
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EORC TRMM and AMSR/AMSR-E teams are pleased to announce the opening of new JAXA/EORC Tropical Cyclone Database.

JAXA/EORC Tropical Cyclone Database

In this site, you can search tropical cyclone data observed by TRMM/PR, TMI, VIRS, Aqua/AMSR-E and Midori-II at the same time.
Furthermore, TRMM/PR three-dimensional movies newly appeared. You can access the 3D movies during the period from Jan. 1, 2004 to May 20, 2005.

You can access TRMM Tropical Cyclones Database until 31 Mar., 2006.
All information in TRMM Tropical Cyclones Database has been integrated into JAXA/EORC Tropical Cyclones Database.
Thank you very much for your interests.

Data period of TRMM Tropical Cyclones Database :
                     8 Dec., 1997 to 31 Mar., 2005
Data period of JAXA/EORC Tropical Cyclones Database :
                     8 Dec., 1997 to latest data
  [ 8 May, 2005 ]
TRMM Tropical Cyclones Database