Japanese Earth Resources Satellite

Tables of images

500 m and 2 km resolution mosaics in Mercator projection.

The tables below are linked to the 500 m and 2 km pixel spacing mosaics on this disc.

Click on the tile numbers in the left columns to display the corresponding mosaic tiles, and on the mosaic names at the top of each table to display the complete (non-tiled) mosaics.

Sumatra & Peninsular Malaysia
 Tile #
Upper Left Lower right
1 (6.4878o, 95o) (0o, 99o)
2 (6.4878o, 99o) (0o, 105o)
3 (6.4878o, 105o) (0o,108.5o)
4 (0o, 98o) (-6o,103o)
5 (0o, 103o) (-6o, 108.5o)

Java & the Lesser Sunda Islands
 Tile # Upper Left Lower right
6 (-5.8o, 105o) (-9.1o, 116o)
7 (-6o, 116o) (-11o, 122.5o)
8 (-6o, 122.5o) (-11o, 130o)

 Tile # Upper Left Lower right
9 (6.5o, 108.5o) (0o, 114o)
10 (0o, 108.5o) (-6o, 114o)
11 (7.5o, 114o) (0o, 119.5o)
12 (0o, 114o) (-6o, 118.5o)

The Philippines
 Tile # Upper Left Lower right
13 (20o, 119.5o) (13o, 124.5o)
14 (13o, 116.5o) (7.5o, 121.8o)
15 (13o, 121.8o) (7.5o, 127o)
16 (7.5o, 119.5o) (3o, 127o)

 Tile #
Upper Left Lower right
17 (3o, 119.5o) (0o, 126o)
18 (0o, 118.5o) (-6o, 124o)

New Guinea Island, the Moluccas
and the Solomon Islands
 Tile #
Upper Left Lower right
19 (3o, 126o) (0o, 130o)
20 (0o, 124o) (-6o, 130o)
21 (1o, 130o) (-5o, 135o)
22 (-5o, 130o) (-10o, 135o)
23 (0o, 135o) (-5o, 141o)
24 (-5o, 135o) (-10o, 141o)
25 (0o, 141o) (-5o, 147o)
26 (-5o, 141o) (-10o, 147o)
27 (-1o, 147o) (-7o, 151.5o)
28 (-7o, 147o) (-12o, 151.5o)
29 (-1o, 151.5o) (-7o, 156.2o)
30 (-7o, 151.5o) (-12o, 156.2o)
31 (-6o, 156.2o) (-12o, 162o)

Mainland South-East Asia
 Tile #
Upper Left Lower right
X1 (28.5o, 91o) (25o, 99o)
X2 (25o, 91o) (20o, 99o)
X3 (25o, 99o) (20o, 105o)
X4 (25o, 105o) (20o, 111.5o)
X5 (20o,9 2o) (14.5o, 99o)
X6 (20o, 99o) (14.5o, 105o)
X7 (20o, 105o) (14.5o, 111.5o)
X8 (14.5o, 97o) (10.5o, 104o)
X9 (10.5o, 97o) (6.4878o, 104o)
X10 (14.5o, 104o) (6.4878o, 110o)

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