1. Definition of baseline

Definition of distance between orbits

2. Definition of scene

A scene is expressed by using the Path number from Reference System for Planning (RSP) and the Row number from Reference System JERS-1 Ground. Usually, a scene is defined by the GRS's Path number and Row number. However, the Path number isn't suitable for defining scene because some different orbits paths can observe the same GRS scene in high latitude.

3. Calculation results

This routine outputs the baseline filse and the summary files. The baseline file consists scene center times, latitudes, longitudes, and all pairs baseline. The summary file consists statistical infomation of the output. For example, the number of pairs with distances of less than 1000 meters, 500 meters, 200 meters and 100 meters. If a scene has no pair, the baseline file was not made.

4. Search process

4.1 RSP number confirmation

You should confirm the RSP number of scene. If you don't know the RSP number, you can search it using the EOIS WWW Service Login (EUS/WWW).

4.2 Baseline files

The baseline files locate as follows.

"XXX" is the RSP number, and "YYY" is the Row number.

The summary files locate as follows.

"AAA" and "BBB" are the RSP number. The relation between "XXX", "AAA"
and "BBB" is as follows.

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