About JASMES SGLI Standard data (STD)

SGLI Standard data (JASMES format) are stored in netCDF4 files whish are generated by resampling the SGLI standard data in HDF5 files onto the JASMES-Grid.

Scheduled to update

・Global LTOA(8-day, monthly) data are reprocessing 2018-2021(Product:LV01-11, LS01-04, LT01-02, LI01-02, LGEI, LGEV, LGEP). We will announce after creation.For detail, please refer to here.(2022/12/5)
・Some incorrect values are stored in the xx_STD data set stored in the Global statistics products.We plan to reprocess and publish it. As soon as the reprocessing is completed, we will announce and the data will be replaced.(2022/12/5)

Data updates

2023/01/06 Anomaly Image were released (AROT). For details, please refer to here (2023/01/06)
2022/12/08 ・Japan Daily SICE data(2021/6-7) was reprocessed.
2022/12/05 ・All JASMES SGLI Standard products has been updated to ver.3.
・Statics products for Ocean around Japan(8-day,monthly) were released(SST、PAR、CHLA、TSM、CDOM). For detail, please refer to here.
・Anomaly Image were released(LST、NDVI、CHLA、SST、SWR、AROT).For detail, please refer to here.
AROT climatic anomaly images are under construction. We will announce after creation.


・The data from 2018 January to March is during the initial checkout period, so the observation operation and sensor settings are different from usual.
・The latutude and longitude of the netCDF data are stored in Float32. Please check Area and resolution when using.
・For 8-day and monthly, input data may be less when the minor version is switched.

Area and resolution

JASMES-Grid format is defined as the following (same as JASMES MODIS data);
Areapixel sizeLatitude and Longitude (pixel center value)
Global 0.05deg Upper left Lon:0.0deg.E, Lat:90.0deg.N
Lower right Lon:359.95deg.E (-0.05deg.W), Lat:90.0deg.S
Japan 0.0025deg Upper left Lon:123.00125deg.E, Lat:49.99875deg.N
Lower right Lon:149.99875deg.E, Lat:24.00125deg.N

JASMES SGLI Standard data Granule ID

JASMES SGLI Standard data Granule ID Setting Value

Monthly climatological data for anomary images



   * MM    : Target Month
   * KKKK  : Product ID(LST_, NDVI, SST_, CHLA, SWR_, AROT)

Only for AROT, Japan data is named as follows.

   * MM    : Target Month

JASMES SGLI Standard data (Japan) Product ID

JASMES SGLI Standard data (Global) Product ID

          *1 Vxx : VNR-NP Band xx
          *2 Sxx : IRS-SWIR Band xx
          *3 Txx : IRS-TIR Band xx
          *4 Pxx : VNR-PL Band xx
          *5 Nxx : Reflectance of VNR-NP Band xx co-registered for VNR-PL
          *6 GEO : Geometry(V:VNR-NP, I:IRS, P:VNR-PL)
          *7 LGE : Geometry(V:VNR-NP, I:IRS, P:VNR-PL)
          *8 LVZ or SNZ : Sensor Zenith Angle (V:VNR-NP, I:IRS, P:VNR-PL)
          *9 LSZ or SLZ : Solar Zenith Angle (V:VNR-NP, I:IRS, P:VNR-PL)
          *10 LRA or RLA : Relative Azimuth Angle (V:VNR-NP, I:IRS, P:VNR-PL)
          *11 CFR : Cloud type(1: Crrus, 2: Cirro-stratus, 3: Deep convection, 4: Alto-cumulus, 5: Alto-stratus,
                     6: Nimbo-stratus, 7: Cumulus, 8: Strato-cumulus, 9: Stratus, A: ALL,
                     H: Hight, M: Middle, L: Low )