NIES Standard Product

The GOSAT observation data is provided by the following site.

JAXA/EORC Research Product

GHGs Trend Viewer

The GHGs long term trend viewer presents quick view of XCO2, XCH4, AOD, and SIF from GOSAT Level 2 products (JAXA EORC, NIES, JPL, SRON) at selected target observation sites.
The selected data can be downloaded in csv format.
Most of the target observations requested by the RA researchers are not included in the list.

GOSAT Score Map

GOSAT Score Map for Sampling Optimization site provides the score information of satellite observation sampling pattern for global and regional flux estimation.
Users can select and weigh the various parameters and calculate the weighted score globally.
This site can confirm the past and future orbits of GHG satellites.

Local GHG Emission Source Sectors

Local GHG Emission Source Sectors site provides GHG emission sources of Japan area.


The tool for generating CAM images in FTS L1B is available for download from link below.

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