Current StatusThe temperature of the TANSO-FTS components on orbit

TANSO-FTS Blackbody Temperature

Temperature monitored by 3 platinum sensors mounted on the back of the blackbody.

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TANSO-FTS Thermal environment in orbit

Temperature of the beam splitter wall in the FTS mechanism

  1. Optical bench is well temperature controlled at 23 degrees C
  2. Optical components is slightly colder than the bench.
  3. Blackbody is much colder than optical components.
  4. Year-to-year change is very small.
  5. Seasonal variation is larger than orbital-phase variation

Almost all optical components have cyclic temperature variations in both orbit and season. Orbital phase and amplitude are different because of thermal mass. Limited number of temperature telemetries are included in Level 1B (BB, BS wall, detector). Other telemetries are stored in satellite operation records. BB temperature, which is mounted on the wall (not the bench), has larger amplitude.

Calibration error comes from difference between BB temp and environment and radiation from the pointing mirror surface.

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