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Measured top of atmosphere reflectance change since the year 2009 of the launch and corresponding pixel number for each site.
TANSO-CAI L1B version
  • 2009/04/01- : V02.00.
※Cloud data screening with CAI L2 cloud flag.

Selection criteria of the TANSO-CAI monitor data

  • Select the nearest pixel of the CEOS site.
  • Select clear data with the TANSO-CAI cloud flag.
  • Eliminate the TANSO-CAI band4 bad pixel.

Range of graph

  • CAI:January 1~December 31

Radiance monitor
Tb: Brighteness Temperature (calculated by Plank's law)
TANSO-FTS L1B version
  • 2009/04/01~ : V300300
※Cloud data screening with brightness temperature at window channel.
  • Red plots mean FTS grid observation.
  • Green plots mean FTS target observation.

Selection criteria of the TANSO-FTS monitor data

  • Select the TANSO-FTS exposure within 1 [deg.] of the CEOS site.
    (※Railroad valley: within 0.09 [deg.] of the site.)
  • Cloud screening by radiance ratio of band1 WN1(13019.0[cm^-1]) / band2 WN6(6394.0[cm^-1]).

Radiance ratio threshold
  • Algeria2:0.90, Algeria3:0.88, Egypt1:0.88, Libya4:0.90, Niger2:0.86, Railroad valley:1.15, Winton:1.00, Gobabeb:1.20

Range of graph

  • FTS:January 1~December 31

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