Measured top of atmosphere reflectance change since the year 2009 of the launch and corresponding pixel number for each site.
※Cloud data screening with CAI L2 cloud flag.

Selection criteria of the TANSO-CAI monitor data

  • Select the nearest pixel of the CEOS site.
  • Select clear data with the TANSO-CAI cloud flag.
  • Eliminate the TANSO-CAI band4 bad pixel.

Range of graph

  • CAI:January 1~December 31

Radiance monitor
Tb: Brighteness Temperature (calculated by Plank's law)
※Cloud data screening with brightness temperature at window channel.
  • Red plots mean FTS grid observation.
  • Green plots mean FTS target observation.

Selection criteria of the TANSO-FTS monitor data

  • Select the TANSO-FTS exposure within 1 [deg.] of the CEOS site.
    (※Railroad valley: within 0.09 [deg.] of the site.
  • Cloud screening by radiance ratio of band1 and band2.

Radiance ratio threshold
  • Algeria2:0.90, Algeria3:0.88, Egypt1:0.88, Libya4:0.90, Niger2:0.86, Railroad valley:1.15, Winton:1.00

Range of graph

  • FTS:January 1~December 31

  Wave name:

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