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Marine Observation Satellite-1(MOS-1), "Momo-1" is the Japan's first Earth Observation Satellite developed applying domestic technologies as a part of Satellite Earth Observation Systems for contributing to effective utilization of Earth resources, environmental protection, etc. Marine Observation Satellite-1b(MOS-1b), "Momo-1b" was launched to succeed the Momo-1.

MOS-1 was launched by N-II launch vehicle on February 19,1987 and MOS-1b by H-I launch vehicle followed on February 7, 1990 respectively from Tanegashima Space Center, National Space Development Agency of Japan(NASDA).

Operation of MOS-1 finished on March 31,1995 and at the end of April 25 1996.MOS-1b operation is going to be terminated due to degradation of batteries.

MOS-series satellites revolve the Earth at an altitude of 909 km in 103 minutes always facing their observation equipment to the Earth. Each of them carries three sensors, Multispectral Electronic Self-Scanning Radiometer(MESSR), Visible and Thermal Infrared Radiometer(VTIR), and Microwave Scanning Radiometer(MSR), their observation data are acquired by overseas ground stations as well as our domestic data acquisition stations and utilized extensively.


Scape Box type with expanding type solar cell paddle (one wing)
Bus unit@About 1.26~1.48~2.4(m)
Solar cell paddle@About 2.0~5.28(m)
Weight Approx. 740kg
Attitude control Three axes control
Design life 2 years
Launch vehicle MOS-1/N-2
Launch site Tanegashima Space Center, Kagoshima
Launch date MOS-1 Febrary 19, 1987
MOS-1b Febrary 7, 1990
Operation end date MOS-1 November 29,1995
MOS-1b April 25, 1996
Orbit Type Sun synchronous subrecurrent orbit
Altitude Approx. 909km
Inclination Approx. 99deg.
Period Approx.103min
Recurrent period 17days

Information about termination of the MOS-1b operation

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