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The Mouth of the Yellow River

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It is the second largest river in China and reaches a full length of 4,845km. Flowing from the south through the yellow earth zone in Shansi and Shansi, it carries an enormous amount of yellow earth and sand. This is why people call it the Yellow River. The Yellow river on average contains 34kg of soil per 1 cubic meter of water (the maximum content reaches 580kg) which makes it the world's biggest as far as the outflow is concerned. Due to this natural phenomenon, it has often changed the course of the river in the past, causing floods about once every two years and resulting in bringing forth a fertile agricultural zone.

It is flowing into the Bo Hai Sea. This image shows the extraordinary accumulation in the Yellow River mouth. Even now, the land is extending hundreds of meters offshore every year with its outflown earth and sand. The whitish band-like entity is the result of the circulated outflow.

The river, which has greatly hampered the life of people there for four thousand years, has at last been conquered with today's state-of-the-art civil engineering technology for dam construction and other projects.

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