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What is Earth Observation Data Viewer (EODV)?

EODV provides users with various functions to use earth observation data of ADEOS-II(GLI,AMSR), Aqua(AMSR-E) and TRMM(PR, TMI, VIRS, Combiened). You can display, edit, clip and project them on a map.

EODV is very useful to deal with data made in Hierarchical Data Format (HDF).

We provide EODV as pilot software, developed by JAXA/EOC to display the products of GLI/AMSR on ADEOS-II, AMSER-E on Aqua and TRMM(PR, TMI, VIRS, Combiened). Therefore, please be notified that further instruction and user support are not available. Please consult the install and user manuals.

For comments or suggestions about EODV, please contact us


Earth Observation Data Viewer (EODV) Version 2.4
Install Manual (PDF)
User Manual (PDF)

System Requirements

System System Requirements
Computer Pentium 4 or higher
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8.1
RAM 2GB or higher
Free Disk Space 1GB or higher
Display 1024 x 768 pixels and High Color (24bit) or higher

Release Note

Version 2.4
Release date:April 6, 2015

Additional Function:
Supported Formats: Supported TRMM Version 7 products.
Supported OS: Suported Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

Version 2.3
Release date:September 26, 2011

Additional Function:
Response to upgrade the HDF(4.2r1 → 4.2r4)of AMSR-E Level1 Product

Version 2.2
Release date: March 9, 2010

Additional Function:
Function of drug-and-drop of a file onto "Open Product Window" to select the file. Default values shall be automatically set up to display an image when a user drag-and-drop a file onto "Open Product Window".
Function of drug-and-drop of a file onto the icon to select the file. . One action of drug-and-drop of a file onto the icon can launch the tool and display the image with default values.
List of Color Bar amd Look Up Table categorized by sensor. List of Color Bar and Look Up Table in the "Open Product Window" shall be categorized by sensor.
Dialogue window to notify the violation of output conditions of a CSV file. Dialogue window will be displayed when output conditions of a CSV file are not met.
Map projection method modified. Different definition of a grid between EODV and AMSR-E Level3 products is unified into the definition of AMSR-E Level3 products.
Display order of coast lines selectable. Coast lines can be displayed front or back of an image, depending on a user's choice.
Location of the name of a movie file selectable. The file name of a movie file can be placed on the top or bottom as before, depending on a user's choice.

Version 2.1
Release date: May 20, 2009

Additional Function:
Image copy to the clipboard Images on Map & Products window can be copied into the clipboard. This allows you to easily apply the images to other software.
Additional product levels to be displayed. The TRMM PR products levels of 1B21, 1C21, 2A21, 2A23 and 2A25 can be displayed and eddited.
Display of Color Scale Bar Color Scale Bar can be shown on Map & Products window.
Output in the KMZ file format The displayed image can be saved in the KMZ file format, in addition to the KML format, which is applicable to Google EarthTM.

Version 2.0
Release date: April 18, 2008

Additional Function:
Adding editing functions
for TRMM data:
TRMM data can be displayed, edited, clipped, and/or projected on a map. (PR L3 only)
Compatible data format
with Google Earth
Data can be output in KML format (Timeline function) which are compatible with Google Earth.

Version 1.1
Release date: April 12, 2007

Additional Function:
Slideshow Enables 'slideshow' of images of your interest along with time passage.(days, months etc)
Quick image display Reduces time to display images using data thinned out at the certain rates.
Background color selection Enables you to choose the background colors from multiple choices.
Image Size-Adjustment Enables to fit images to window size by one click of button.
KML file output Creates KML format files compatible with Google Earth.

Version 1.0
Release date: November 8, 2006

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